Educating Team USA


We've been honored to support unstoppable students for over 80 years, and now we're proud to do the same for our U.S. Olympic and Paralympic student athletes. We can provide you with the same flexible scheduling options and personal attention that help all of our students succeed. Because no matter what obstacles they face, we make a commitment to walk with each of our students, every step of the way.

Team USA athletes will have the opportunity to attend career-oriented programs and earn an associate, bachelor's or master's degree, or certificate while pursuing their primary goal of achieving Olympic and Paralympic success. Special scholarships and tuition savings are available through the USOC and DeVry University.

You may qualify for one of the following awards by submitting the Scholarship Application:

  • A full, one-year scholarship
  • 30% tuition savings

An investment in your future

From the moment you speak to your dedicated DeVry University Admissions Representative, you’ll find someone there to help you—walking with you, mentoring and guiding you, every step of the way. Available whenever you need them, our team includes:

  • Academic and financial aid advisors
  • Professors and faculty


Note: Students may participate in only one DeVry-based scholarship or tuition benefit program at a time. Those who qualify for more than one program, will be presumed to accept the program with the highest reduction in by-semester cost. Students who qualify for and prefer a different scholarship or tuition benefit program must confirm, in writing, the alternate program in which they wish to participate prior to starting classes at DeVry University. Scholarship terms and conditions are subject to change.